How to Use Mind Mapping for Personal Development w/ Examples

The Incredible Power of Mind Mapping! How to Get Started

Are you the type of person who likes to organize information in the best possible? Learn how to make a mind map with these easy steps and examples and accelerate your personal growth. These tools have a lot more uses than you think. As you’ll see there’s probably at least one reason for you to … Read more

You Chose to Be Here! How to Make Better Decisions

You Chose to Be Here! How to Make Better Decisions

I know what you’re saying “My decisions have nothing to do with the predicament I’m in.” “I didn’t choose to be broke.” “Getting laid off wasn’t my choice.” “Having a boss that I can’t stand wasn’t my choice.” “I didn’t choose to have all these problems in my life.” The fact of the matter is … Read more

What is Situational Leadership Style and How You Can Use It

Image of a leader, supervisor, boss, manager shaking hands with individual in front of employees, subordinates, followers.

Have you led or managed an employee a certain way and it went great but when you tried to duplicate that leadership style with other employees it didn’t go so well? That’s why it’s important to understand situational leadership style.  I have news for you, many times there isn’t a right or wrong way to … Read more

What is Metacognition? Thinking About Thinking

What is Metacognition? Metacognition is the ability to think about your thinking. It’s an important concept in psychology and education because it helps us understand how we learn. Metacognition can be divided into two types: knowledge of results (KR) and knowledge of processes (KP). KR refers to having a sense of how well you are … Read more