Boost Your Leadership Skills in 1 Step: Don’t Forget the Why

Boost Your Leadership Skills in 1 Step. Don't Forget the Why

Why can be a very powerful word for a leader. It can turn into a great conversation that can lead to a supervisor having a ton more information on employees.

Every Leader Messes up; 8 Tips to Get Over Mistakes

Man bummed out on bridge after making a mistake.

In leadership, mistakes are unavoidable. Even the best leaders make mistakes. That comes with the territory when you are expected to make the calls even when you don’t always have all the information you want. What sets great leaders apart from poor ones is how they get over mistakes. Tips to Get Past Mistakes Like

The Air Force Leader

Planes flying in formation representing Air Force leadership

What is leadership in the Air Force? Leadership is the art, science and ability to motivate, influence, guide, and coach Airmen to accomplish the mission of the Air Force. Anyone of any rank can be a leader. In the book 360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell, he discusses not only leading down but also leading

Stop Losing MOTIVATION; 6 TIPS TO GET IN THE HABIT of Taking Action


Have you ever had a great idea? Of course you have, but did you take action. What did you do with that idea? If you’re like many people, you failed to act, lost motivation and let the idea fade away. Too often we decide to do something but never get started. We decide to start