Leadership in a Crisis: 10 Crisis Management Tips

Leadership in a Crisis: 10 Tips to Lead Effectively

Utilizing good crisis management and strong leadership in a crisis is vital to successfully making it through it unscathed. It doesn’t matter if you are a supervisor, a team leader, or just a leader of your family you can benefit from the tips contained in this article. As I write this article, we are all

How To Write A Vision Statement in 7 Insanely Easy Steps

How to Create a Vision Statement That Motivates Employees

A leader needs to provide direction to those within their circle of influence and control. In this article, you will learn how to write a vision statement to help you provide that direction and give the team something to strive for. Also contained in this article are vision statement examples from famous companies and personal

13 Factors to Avoid as a New Supervisor and How to Succeed

Are You Making Any of These 13 Mistakes as a New Supervisor?

Being a new supervisor can be challenging at times. In fact, there are many problems or issues you run into as a new manager that you haven’t had to deal with before. While there is no definitive way to lead people there are many mistakes and factors to avoid as a new supervisor. Common Factors

9 Proven Ways to Deal with Depression

9 Proven Techniques to Deal with Depression and Sadness

This article may contain affiliate links. It seems impossible to deal with depression and sadness while we are going through it. We’ve all been there, it affects all of us at some point in our life. We feel like there is no way out of our misery and despair or we feel like we are