50 Thrilling Work Holiday Party Game Ideas

There’s no better time than now to embrace the spirit of togetherness and joy within our workplaces. Over the years, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to organize a variety of holiday parties for my team. The objective has always been clear: to foster a sense of unity, spread joy, and strengthen the bonds between coworkers during this special time of year.

The holiday season brings with it a unique charm and a chance to step away from the daily grind, allowing us to celebrate the milestones we’ve achieved collectively. From the twinkling lights adorning the office Christmas tree to the laughter echoing through the halls during holiday office party games, each element we introduce aims to instill a sense of warmth and community among our team members.

In curating these festive gatherings, I’ve found that the inclusion of thoughtfully selected holiday party games plays a pivotal role. They are not just activities; they are the threads that weave our diverse group closer, turning coworkers into a more cohesive, understanding, and supportive unit. Whether it’s through a light-hearted Secret Santa exchange, the creativity unleashed in ornament making, or the shared nostalgia of holiday movie trivia, each game is a stepping stone toward building deeper relationships.

In this spirit, I am thrilled to share a treasure trove of office holiday party games and activities designed to bring out joy, foster camaraderie, and make holiday celebrations memorable for everyone involved. Whether your team is small or large, these games are crafted to include everyone, ensuring that each person leaves with a cherished memory and a strengthened bond with their coworkers. After all, celebrating the holiday season together is not just about the fun and festive food; it’s a testament to the hard work, achievements, and mutual support that defines our team.

Work Holiday Party Game Ideas

Here’s a diverse list of 50 holiday party game ideas designed to make your office celebration memorable and engaging for everyone:

1. Ornament Guessing Game

  • Overview: Fill a clear jar with holiday ornaments. Attendees guess the number of ornaments in the jar.
  • Objective: To engage guests as they arrive, sparking conversations and making everyone feel involved.
  • Materials Needed: A clear jar, holiday ornaments, slips of paper, pens, a box for guesses, and a prize for the winner.
  • Why It Works: It’s a simple, inclusive activity that doesn’t require a lot of effort from the participants but adds a fun guessing element to the start of the festivities.

2. Christmas Movie Trivia

  • Overview: Test knowledge of classic holiday films through a series of trivia questions.
  • Objective: To challenge guests’ knowledge of holiday movies and create a competitive yet fun atmosphere.
  • Materials Needed: A list of trivia questions, answer sheets, pens, and a prize for the winning individual/team.
  • Why It Works: Most people have watched at least a few holiday movies. This game taps into those shared experiences and ignites lively discussions and debates.

3. Ugly Sweater Contest

  • Overview: Guests wear their most outrageous Christmas sweaters. Prizes are awarded for the most creative or ugly designs.
  • Objective: To add a humorous and visual element to the party, encouraging creativity and self-expression.
  • Materials Needed: A space for showcasing the sweaters, ballots for voting, and prizes for the winners.
  • Why It Works: It’s a lighthearted way to celebrate the holiday spirit with a focus on fun and not taking oneself too seriously. Plus, it’s a great photo op.

4. Gingerbread House Building Competition

  • Overview: Teams compete to create the most impressive gingerbread house within a time limit.
  • Objective: To foster teamwork and creativity through a hands-on activity.
  • Materials Needed: Gingerbread house kits, extra candies for decoration, timers, and prizes for the winning team.
  • Why It Works: It encourages collaboration and artistic expression, plus it’s an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages.

5. White Elephant Gift Exchange

  • Overview: A gift exchange game where participants can choose to open a new present or steal someone else’s.
  • Objective: To entertain guests through the suspense and surprise of gift-giving and receiving.
  • Materials Needed: A set of wrapped gifts (one per participant) and rules for the exchange.
  • Why It Works: The element of choice and the potential for playful competition make it a crowd-pleaser.

6. Holiday Bingo

  • Overview: Bingo cards are customized with holiday themes or phrases. Prizes are won through traditional Bingo wins.
  • Objective: To provide a relaxed and accessible game that can accommodate many players at once.
  • Materials Needed: Custom Bingo cards, markers, a method for calling out items (could be a hat to draw from or a randomizer), and small prizes for winners.
  • Why It Works: It’s an easy-to-understand game that creates excitement and anticipation with each call-out, suitable for both large and small groups.

7. Christmas Carol Karaoke

  • Overview: Guests take turns singing their favorite holiday songs in a friendly karaoke setup.
  • Objective: To spread holiday cheer through music and performance.
  • Materials Needed: Karaoke machine or speaker setup with a microphone, access to holiday music tracks, and perhaps a prize for the best performance.
  • Why It Works: It allows individuals to showcase their talents or simply share in the communal joy of singing beloved holiday tunes.

8. Secret Santa

  • Overview: Participants anonymously exchange gifts with someone else in the group, often with a set budget.
  • Objective: To exchange thoughtful gifts in a fun and anonymous manner.
  • Materials Needed: A way to randomly assign gift recipients (like drawn names or an online Secret Santa generator), gifts, and a festive setting for the exchange.
  • Why It Works: It builds anticipation and excitement, encourages thoughtfulness, and ensures everyone receives a gift, fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation.

9. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

  • Overview: Teams or individuals search for holiday-themed items or complete challenges within a time limit.
  • Objective: To energize and engage guests in light-hearted competition and exploration.
  • Materials Needed: A list of items or tasks, any necessary props for challenges, a way to record completions (like a checklist or photos), and prizes for the winners.
  • Why It Works: It encourages creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork, making for an active and memorable party experience.

10. Winter Word Scramble

  • Overview: Participants try to unscramble winter or holiday-related words.
  • Objective: To challenge guests in a lighthearted brain teaser game.
  • Materials Needed: Printed lists of scrambled words, pens, and a timer or limit to add urgency.
  • Why It Works: It’s a simple, inclusive game that tests knowledge and cognitive skills in a festive way, suitable for all ages.

11. Snowball Toss

  • Overview: Set up a carnival-style booth where participants toss “snowballs” (white pom-poms) into buckets.
  • Objective: To provide a playful and active game for guests to enjoy physically engaging in a themed activity.
  • Materials Needed: White pom-poms, several buckets, and signs for scoring.
  • Why It Works: It’s a hands-on, energetic game that invokes the spirit of winter and offers a touch of competitive fun.

12. Frosty’s Hat Stacking

  • Overview: Compete to stack hats on a teammate’s head without them toppling.
  • Objective: To encourage teamwork and steady hands in a lighthearted competition.
  • Materials Needed: A variety of hats and a stopwatch.
  • Why It Works: It requires balance and coordination, provides lots of laughs, and the visual of hats piled precariously is universally amusing.

13. Cookie Decorating Contest

  • Overview: Provide sugar cookies and decorations for a tasty creative contest.
  • Objective: To engage guests creatively and allow them to take something home from the party.
  • Materials Needed: Sugar cookies, icing, various toppings (sprinkles, candies), small plates, and utensils.
  • Why It Works: Combining creativity with food is always a hit, and guests enjoy showing off their decorating skills.

14. Guess the Holiday Song

  • Overview: Play snippets of songs for teams to guess.
  • Objective: To test guests’ knowledge of holiday music in a fun and interactive way.
  • Materials Needed: Music player, playlist of holiday songs, paper, pens.
  • Why It Works: Music evokes strong memories and feelings, making this game both nostalgic and engaging.

15. Christmas Charades

  • Overview: Act out holiday movies, songs, and traditions.
  • Objective: To encourage non-verbal communication and teamwork in a fun setting.
  • Materials Needed: A list of Christmas-themed prompts, a timer.
  • Why It Works: It’s a classic game that’s easy to set up and universally enjoyable, perfect for igniting laughter.

16. Festive Photo Booth

  • Overview: Set up a photo booth with holiday props and costumes.
  • Objective: To create memorable, shareable moments from the party.
  • Materials Needed: Camera, backdrop, holiday-themed props and costumes.
  • Why It Works: People love taking themed photos during special events, and it serves as a great party souvenir.

17. Christmas Pictionary

  • Overview: Draw holiday-themed prompts for your team to guess.
  • Objective: To use drawing skills to communicate and guess festive prompts.
  • Materials Needed: Whiteboard or large paper pads, markers, and list of prompts.
  • Why It Works: Drawing under pressure is challenging and hilarious, making for a lively group activity.

18. Write a Holiday Story Together

  • Overview: Each person adds a sentence to create a funny holiday story.
  • Objective: To build a unique story collaboratively, highlighting creative and spontaneous thinking.
  • Materials Needed: Paper, pen, or a digital document that can be passed around.
  • Why It Works: It encourages creativity and often results in unexpected and humorous narratives that can be cherished as a keepsake.

19. Holiday Hashtags

  • Overview: Create unique hashtags about office holiday incidents or inside jokes, and have people guess who or what it’s about.
  • Objective: To reminisce about past events and bond over shared memories.
  • Materials Needed: Notecards, pens.
  • Why It Works: It taps into the modern social media culture while personalizing it for group bonding and fun reflections.

20. Wreath Making Workshop

  • Overview: Provide supplies for everyone to craft their wreaths.
  • Objective: To engage guests in a creative activity that also serves as a festive decor piece to take home.
  • Materials Needed: Wreath bases, greenery, decorative items (ribbons, baubles), and tools for assembly.
  • Why It Works: It allows for creativity and personal expression, resulting in a take-home reminder of the event’s joy.

21. Holiday Hat Making

  • Overview: Craft unique holiday-themed hats to wear at the party.
  • Objective: To inspire creativity and festive spirit through personalized hat creation.
  • Materials Needed: Plain hats or materials to make hats (fabric, glue, sewing supplies), decorative items (jingle bells, fake snow, felt shapes).
  • Why It Works: It’s a hands-on activity that results in a fun, wearable art piece, encouraging engagement throughout the event.

22. Christmas Ornament Relay

  • Overview: A race where teams pass an ornament using spoons, without using hands.
  • Objective: To foster team cooperation under a fun constraint.
  • Materials Needed: Christmas ornaments, spoons, and a marked relay course.
  • Why It Works: It adds a physical element to the party, requiring coordination and teamwork, all under a festive theme.

23. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

  • Overview: A holiday twist on pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Objective: To provide a simple, interactive game suitable for all ages.
  • Materials Needed: Blindfold, a poster of Rudolph, red noses with adhesive on the back.
  • Why It Works: It’s a well-known game that encourages participation and yields laughs, especially with the holiday-themed variation.

24. Holiday Escape Room

  • Overview: Create or book a holiday-themed escape room experience.
  • Objective: To engage participants in solving puzzles for a memorable team-building activity.
  • Materials Needed: Pre-designed escape room (either booked externally or with homemade puzzles and clues).
  • Why It Works: It stimulates mental challenge and teamwork, wrapped in an exciting, holiday-themed narrative.

25. Icebreaker Questions Under the Mistletoe

  • Overview: Answer holiday-themed questions when caught standing under the mistletoe.
  • Objective: To encourage mingling and sharing in a festive environment.
  • Materials Needed: Mistletoe strategically hung, a list of icebreaker questions.
  • Why It Works: It utilizes a holiday tradition to create spontaneous interactions, deepening bonds between guests.

26. Gift Wrap Relay

  • Overview: Teams race to wrap boxes with wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows.
  • Objective: To create a lively competition around a common holiday task.
  • Materials Needed: Boxes, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbons, and bows.
  • Why It Works: Wrapping presents is a skill under usual circumstances; racing adds a hilarious twist, especially in a team context.

27. Jingle Bell Toss

  • Overview: Throw jingle bells into jars or buckets for points.
  • Objective: To provide a simple yet engaging game that tests aim and skill.
  • Materials Needed: Jingle bells, jars or buckets, and labels for scoring.
  • Why It Works: It’s a quick-to-learn game that can fill short gaps in the party agenda, offering a festive way to compete.

28. Build a Snowman Contest

  • Overview: Use white balloons, decorations, and tape to create “snowmen.”
  • Objective: To foster creative teamwork in a themed contest.
  • Materials Needed: White balloons, tape, buttons, fabric scraps (for scarves), hats, and other decorative items.
  • Why It Works: It encourages teams to use their imagination and creativity to build a snowman, promoting friendly competition.

29. Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt

  • Overview: Hide an elf in various places around the office for teams to find.
  • Objective: To engage guests in a playful hunt, creating excitement and encouraging exploration.
  • Materials Needed: An Elf on the Shelf doll, clues or hints if desired to make the hunt more challenging.
  • Why It Works: It taps into the popular Elf on the Shelf tradition, adding an element of surprise and discovery to the event.

30. Holiday Lip Sync Battle

  • Overview: Perform lip-sync renditions of favorite holiday tunes.
  • Objective: To entertain and engage guests in a lively performance competition.
  • Materials Needed: Sound system, selection of holiday music, microphones (for show, not function), and possibly a makeshift stage.
  • Why It Works: It offers a platform for guests to showcase their performing talents (or lack thereof) in a supportive, fun environment, leading to memorable moments.

31. Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Bar

  • Overview: Set up a station with hot chocolate and various toppings.
  • Objective: To offer a personalized treat experience that warms and welcomes.
  • Materials Needed: Hot chocolate, cups, spoons, assorted toppings (marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, syrups, candy canes).
  • Why It Works: It caters to individual tastes and adds an element of customization, perfect for guests to interact and enjoy a classic holiday comfort.

32. Candy Cane Hook

  • Overview: Hook as many candy canes as you can using a single candy cane from your mouth.
  • Objective: To engage participants in a fun and challenging dexterity game.
  • Materials Needed: Candy canes.
  • Why It Works: This game is easy to set up and participate in, bringing laughter and a competitive edge to the holiday festivities.

33. Christmas Movie Marathon

  • Overview: Vote on movies to watch and create a cozy viewing area.
  • Objective: To provide a relaxing and entertaining visual experience.
  • Materials Needed: Projector or large TV, comfortable seating, blankets, a selection of Christmas movies.
  • Why It Works: It helps in winding down the pace of the party and gathers everyone to share in the joy of classic and beloved holiday films.

34. Guess the Gift

  • Overview: Wrapped boxes filled with unknown items – guess what’s inside by shaking or weighing them.
  • Objective: To stir curiosity and engagement through a mystery challenge.
  • Materials Needed: Various small gifts, boxes, wrapping paper.
  • Why It Works: It utilizes the element of surprise and curiosity about presents, making it a captivating activity for all ages.

35. Holiday Puzzle Race

  • Overview: Teams compete to finish simple holiday puzzles first.
  • Objective: To foster teamwork and quick thinking in a spirited competition.
  • Materials Needed: Multiple identical holiday-themed puzzles.
  • Why It Works: It encourages problem-solving under pressure, making for an exciting race against time and other teams.

36. Snowflake Making Contest

  • Overview: Craft unique snowflakes from paper for a wintery decoration.
  • Objective: To unleash creativity in a crafty competition.
  • Materials Needed: Paper, scissors, optional glitter or markers for decorating.
  • Why It Works: Creating snowflakes offers a silent, meditative activity that results in beautiful decorations, and the contest element adds a fun challenge.

37. Mittens Packaged Present Unwrapping

  • Overview: Try to unwrap a gift wearing oven mitts or bulky gloves.
  • Objective: To create a humorous and challenging task.
  • Materials Needed: Boxed gifts, wrapping paper, tape, oven mitts or gloves.
  • Why It Works: It’s an amusing twist on the simple task of unwrapping gifts, likely leading to laughter and playful competition.

38. Festive Fashion Show

  • Overview: Parade home-made or office-appropriate holiday outfits.
  • Objective: To showcase creativity and holiday spirit through fashion.
  • Materials Needed: Holiday-themed outfits or accessories, runway area (optional), music.
  • Why It Works: It gives participants a chance to express themselves and adds an element of spectacle to the event.

39. Giant Christmas Tree Cup Stacking Race

  • Overview: Teams race to stack green cups into a tree shape, then decorate.
  • Objective: To engage teams in a fun and challenging race with a festive outcome.
  • Materials Needed: Green plastic cups, small decorations for the “tree”.
  • Why It Works: This activity combines speed, skill, and teamwork, culminating in a festive creation that also serves as event decor.

40. Saran Wrap Ball Game

  • Overview: Wrap prizes in a giant saran wrap ball; participants unwrap to win.
  • Objective: To provide an intriguing and rewarding game of chance and skill.
  • Materials Needed: Saran wrap, small gifts or candy, dice (for deciding turns).
  • Why It Works: The intriguing format and the prospect of winning unwrapped gifts engage participants continuously and keep the excitement high.

41. Holiday Haiku

  • Overview: Write holiday-themed haikus and read them aloud.
  • Objective: To engage participants in expressing holiday sentiments through poetry.
  • Materials Needed: Pens, papers, optional microphone for reading.
  • Why It Works: It fosters a creative and reflective atmosphere at the event, adding a cultural touch and encouraging individual expression.

42. Festive Talent Show

  • Overview: Showcase hidden talents with a holiday twist.
  • Objective: To reveal and celebrate the varied talents of participants in a joyful context.
  • Materials Needed: Talent show sign-up sheet, stage area, microphone, sound system.
  • Why It Works: It provides a platform for participants to share and enjoy a range of talents, adding personal charm and diversity to the event’s entertainment.

43. ‘Minute to Win It’ Christmas Edition

  • Overview: Adapt popular minigames with a festive twist.
  • Objective: To entertain guests with quick and fun challenges.
  • Materials Needed: Timers, various game paraphernalia suited to each challenge, festive decorations.
  • Why It Works: The fast-paced nature keeps energy high, and incorporating familiar games with a holiday theme makes it accessible and engaging for all ages.

44. Eggnog Chugging Contest

  • Overview: For the brave, a race to see who can drink eggnog the fastest.
  • Objective: To challenge participants in a humorous and daring contest.
  • Materials Needed: Eggnog, glasses or mugs.
  • Why It Works: It taps into competitive spirits in a lighthearted manner, offering spectators a fun and perhaps hilarious spectacle.

45. Candy Cane Hunt

  • Overview: Hide candy canes throughout the office for a holiday hunt.
  • Objective: To create an engaging treasure hunt game with simple holiday-themed objects.
  • Materials Needed: Candy canes, hiding spots.
  • Why It Works: The hunt fosters interaction and movement, making the environment dynamic and festive as participants explore and discover.

46. Holiday Team Mascots

  • Overview: Create and dress up a team mascot for the holidays.
  • Objective: To boost team spirit through creative and festive teamwork.
  • Materials Needed: Costume materials, mascot ideas.
  • Why It Works: It encourages collaboration and creativity, building camaraderie while also being an enjoyable artistic endeavor.

47. ‘Where in the World’ Holiday Edition

  • Overview: Guess holiday traditions from around the globe.
  • Objective: To educate and entertain participants about global holiday customs.
  • Materials Needed: Images or descriptions of holiday traditions, projector or print-outs.
  • Why It Works: It broadens knowledge about world cultures while engaging participants’ deductive reasoning and curiosity about global festivities.

48. Holiday Storytime

  • Overview: Share memorable holiday stories or experiences.
  • Objective: To connect participants through personal and heartfelt tales.
  • Materials Needed: Comfortable seating, a quiet corner.
  • Why It Works: It creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere where people can connect emotionally and feel more unified by sharing and listening to personal anecdotes.

49. Pass the Parcel – Holiday Edition

  • Overview: Wrap a gift in multiple layers; each layer has a task or challenge.
  • Objective: To provide entertainment through a traditional party game with added surprises.
  • Materials Needed: A gift, wrapping paper, various little Challenges or tasks written on slips of paper.
  • Why It Works: The element of suspense and incremental rewards keep participants engaged and entertained, prolonging the excitement with every unwrapped layer.

50. Create a Holiday Playlist

  • Overview: Everyone adds their favorite holiday song to a collaborative playlist to enjoy throughout the festivity.
  • Objective: To democratize and diversify music selection, making the atmosphere more inclusive and enjoyable.
  • Materials Needed: Music streaming service, speakers.
  • Why It Works: It allows participants to share something personal and enjoy a variety of holiday music that may introduce new songs to others, enhancing the auditory experience of the event.

Wrapping Up

Armed with these 50 diverse and engaging holiday party game ideas, you’re well-equipped to throw a celebration that will be talked about long after the last snowflake has settled. Each activity, from the whimsical Holiday Haiku to the heart-racing ‘Minute to Win It’ Christmas Edition, is designed not only to entertain but also to foster a sense of camaraderie and warmth among your guests. By creating an environment where laughter is shared, talents are showcased, and personal stories are exchanged, you’re setting the stage for a truly magical holiday experience.

Remember, the key to a memorable holiday party lies not just in the games you choose, but in how you bring them to life. Encourage participation with enthusiasm, celebrate each moment with genuine joy, and ensure that every guest feels included and valued. With thoughtful planning and a dash of creativity, you can create an atmosphere that encapsulates the spirit of the holidays: unity, joy, and a touch of wonder.

So, whether you’re orchestrating a cozy gathering with close friends or a grand corporate holiday bash, these game ideas offer something for everyone. By intertwining traditional holiday elements with unexpected surprises, your party will capture the essence of the season while creating new traditions that guests will look forward to year after year.

This holiday season, embrace the opportunity to make your party a beacon of happiness and togetherness. As you watch your guests delight in each game and share in laughter and cheer, you’ll know that you’ve gifted them an invaluable present: joyful memories that will warm their hearts well beyond the holidays. Let the games begin, and may your holiday party be a luminous highlight of the season!