Managing Conflict in the Workplace: 12 Tips to Restore the Peace

12 Strategies for Conflict Management in the Workplace

In a study conducted by the American Management Association, supervisors spend on average 24% of their day managing conflict in the workplace. This can be a conflict that the supervisor is directly involved in or conflict between coworkers that the supervisor must get under control before it becomes an issue. In this article I will

Excellent Transformational Leadership: What Are 6 Stages of Change?

How to Use the 6 Stages of Change to be a Better Transformational Leader

Being a transformational leader is very important in the age we live in. Businesses are constantly adapting to better meet the needs of their customers. Look at Google, the company started as just a simple search engine and has grown into so much more. They are constantly updating their business, coming up with new ways

8 Best Team Management Apps and Task Management Software in 2020

Business man using a cellphone to be more productive.

Benefits of Apps for Team Management Team management apps are great tools to manage projects and teams. Both teams working remotely or teams in the same location can use these tools. All the apps listed below have desktop, android, and iOS versions so they can be used on any device. Teams can see huge benefits

Team Dynamics: What Are the 5 Stages of Team Development?

Group Dynamics: 5 Team Stages of Development

The 5 stages of team development are something every newly formed group goes through. These stages are very important for team dynamics and chemistry. Some groups progress through the stages faster than others but they all go through the stages. The five stages are forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. This model of forming, storming,

How to Use Team Member Roles to Easily Form the Best Team

Group Dynamics: Understanding Team Member Roles in The Workplace

How Do Team Member Roles Effect Group Dynamics? Team member roles and the people you have in those roles has a huge effect on group dynamics and the success of the team. Putting the right people together on a project can be the difference between the success or failure of the team. This a crucial

Leadership in a Crisis: 10 Crisis Management Tips

Leadership in a Crisis: 10 Tips to Lead Effectively

Utilizing good crisis management and strong leadership in a crisis is vital to successfully making it through it unscathed. It doesn’t matter if you are a supervisor, a team leader, or just a leader of your family you can benefit from the tips contained in this article. As I write this article, we are all

13 Factors to Avoid as a New Supervisor and How to Succeed

Are You Making Any of These 13 Mistakes as a New Supervisor?

Being a new supervisor can be challenging at times. In fact, there are many problems or issues you run into as a new manager that you haven’t had to deal with before. While there is no definitive way to lead people there are many mistakes and factors to avoid as a new supervisor. Common Factors