Excellent Transformational Leadership: What Are 6 Stages of Change?

How to Use the 6 Stages of Change to be a Better Transformational Leader

Being a transformational leader is very important in the age we live in. Businesses are constantly adapting to better meet the needs of their customers. Look at Google, the company started as just a simple search engine and has grown into so much more. They are constantly updating their business, coming up with new ways

9 Proven Ways to Deal with Depression

9 Proven Techniques to Deal with Depression and Sadness

This article may contain affiliate links. It seems impossible to deal with depression and sadness while we are going through it. We’ve all been there, it affects all of us at some point in our life. We feel like there is no way out of our misery and despair or we feel like we are

You Chose to Be Here! How to Make Better Decisions

You’re Exactly Where You Chose to Be; Make Better Decisions

I know what you’re saying “My decisions have nothing to do with the predicament I’m in.” “I didn’t choose to be broke.” “I didn’t choose to get laid off.” “I didn’t choose to have a boss that I can’t stand.” “I didn’t choose to have all these problems in my life.” The fact of the

Stop Losing MOTIVATION; 6 TIPS TO GET IN THE HABIT of Taking Action


Have you ever had a great idea? Of course you have, but did you take action. What did you do with that idea? If you’re like many people, you failed to act, lost motivation and let the idea fade away. Too often we decide to do something but never get started. We decide to start