What is a Leadership Development Plan and Why Do You Need One

How to Create a Leadership Development Plan to Boost Success

There are many ways to develop leadership skills. One of the most effective is to create a Leadership Development Plan or LDP. An LDP is a written plan that outlines your goals and objectives as a leader and helps you achieve them by making decisions about how you will spend your time, energy, and money. … Read more

How to Maintain Positivity in the Workplace: 7 Critical Tips

Keep A Positive Attitude At Work With These 7 Tips

Do you feel you are unloved and inert in your present position at work? Do you get tons of work to do and not enough time to do it as fast as possible? This may make it hard to remain positive but the right attitude is the key to success. Positivity in the workplace increases … Read more

13 Body Language Examples: Non-Verbal Communication Skills

13 Body Language Examples: Master Non-Verbal Communication

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “What is going through their head right now?” If only we could read minds. But the next best thing? Well, that’s body language. Body language can tell us a lot about how a person is feeling, and even what they’re thinking. The key to understanding body language … Read more

How To Be More Self Motivated and Achieve Greater Success

How To Be More Self-Motivated

Did you know that 80% of success is your ability to self motivate? The other 20% is the execution. Okay, that statistic may not be exactly true but it’s pretty close. Self motivated people are just more successful. Learn how to be more self motivated and you will increase your success. Why is self motivation … Read more