Stop Losing Motivation; How to Get In the Habit of Taking Action


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Have you ever had a great idea? Of course you have, but did you take action. What did you do with that idea? If you’re like many people, you failed to act, lost motivation and let the idea fade away.

Too often we decide to do something but never get started. We decide to start going to the gym. We decide to finish that degree we have been putting off. We decide to be more productive. We decide to start saving more money. We tell ourselves we are going to do it tomorrow or next week or next month but it never happens.

We come up with excuses like we don’t have enough time, we don’t know how to start, or it’s too much work. Acting on these ideas and decisions can change our lives for the better but still we fail to do what we know is good for us.

All it takes is a little commitment and self-awareness. Get in the habit of taking action today. It will change your life. You will be more productive, happier, healthier, and possibly wealthier.

Take Action: Tips to Get in the Habit

  1. Stop making excuses for yourself. Be honest with yourself. The reason you are not doing something you want to do is not because you don’t have time. There is always time for things that make you better. Cut out some of the things that don’t do anything for you.
  2. The perfect conditions may never come. Don’t let yourself get action paralysis waiting for the perfect conditions. Sometimes you must take the leap of faith and take action.
  3. Stop over thinking it and just do it. Obsessing over everything that could go wrong or all the reasons not to do something leads to inaction. If you wait for the time to be perfect or all the details to be perfect you will never get off the ground. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and get going. Once you get started you can make adjustments and tweaks as you go.
  4. Start small and build on it. Starting with easy tasks like washing the dishes after dinner can help give the feeling of win. Use that feeling of the win to start doing bigger and better things that make you better.
  5. Stop obsessing over what you should have done in the past. Start thinking about what you are going to do now. Although we can’t change the past, our future is in our hands.
  6. Stop being afraid. The hardest part is often mustering the courage to get started. How many people have been very nervous about starting a new job, only to realize there was nothing to be afraid of after they start?

Embracing the habit of taking action can really improve your future. You’ll see productivity, health, income, and many other areas improve just by making a few simple changes. There is no better time to start than now. Now get out there and become a doer.

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