Personal Development Goals: A Guide to Achieving Success

Personal development goals are an essential tool for people that want to improve and grow in various areas of their lives. Do you have a growth mindset? If this sounds like you this article will give you everything you need to set and reach your personal development goals. What is Personal Development? Personal development is … Read more

Empathic Skills: Develop Your Empathy

Empathic Skills: Develop Your Empathy

Would you like to improve your relationships? Empathy may be your answer to boosting those relationships. In this article, you will find tips and examples to help you build your empathic skills. What Are Empathic Skills? Empathic skills are the ability to understand and share the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others. It involves having … Read more

How To Improve Your Interpersonal Skills: 9 Things To Do Right Now

Interpersonal skills are essential in life, from the workplace to our personal relationships. The ability to effectively communicate, interact, and work with other individuals and groups is invaluable. But how do we hone our interpersonal skills? What are the best practices for improving them? What Are Interpersonal Skills? At its core, interpersonal skills are the … Read more

What Is Personal Power? How to Develop Yours

Do you want to be a better leader in business and life? Wouldn’t it be nice if people listened to you more and didn’t question you so much? The answer may be personal power. Personal power is crucial for achieving success and fulfillment in both personal and professional realms. What is Personal Power? Personal power … Read more

Leadership Development Goals That Get Results

Do you want to develop more as a leader? It’s no secret that successful leaders are those who are constantly striving for growth and improvement. After all, in today’s fast-paced business world, if you’re not learning and developing, you’re falling behind. That’s why managers and executives need to set leadership development goals that will help … Read more

The 7 Different Types of Power Effective Leaders Use

Are you a leader looking for ways to make your mark? Do you want to be a better leader? Understanding the different types of power in leadership is key. Whether you’re aiming for influence in your business or beyond, having a firm grasp on position, personal, informational, referent, and expert power can help you reach … Read more

Skills Gap Analysis: What is it and How to Conduct One

A skills gap analysis is a process used to assess the difference between the actual state and a future, goal state. It is used to identify the skills that an individual employee needs but doesn’t necessarily have yet to carry out their job or to perform specific tasks effectively. Why Is a Skills Gap Analysis … Read more

How to Boost Your Persuasion Skills

How to Boost Your Persuasion Skills

Persuasion is an incredibly valuable skill but it’s also one that can be difficult to master. Fortunately, with enough practice and the right approach, even the most inexperienced professional can become a persuasive powerhouse. What Is Persuasion? Persuasion is the act or process of influencing someone’s beliefs, decisions, or actions through reasoning or request. It … Read more

Job Levels in the Workplace: What Are They?

Do you know what a job level is? In this article, we’ll go over what different job levels are, how to determine a person’s job level, and some sample duty titles for those levels. What Are Job Levels? Job levels, also known as “job grades” or “classifications,” are categories with different titles and salary ranges … Read more

Leadership Training Topics | Get Started Today

What is Leadership Training? Leadership training is a process that helps you develop your leadership skills, and become a more effective leader. It can be formal or informal, but the goal is to teach you how to lead others and inspire them to do their best work. Leadership training can take many forms. Workshops, seminars, … Read more