8 Challenges of Virtual Teams and How to Overcome Them

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Virtual work centers and virtual teams are on the rise. Why would companies not want to utilize virtual teams? In most circumstances, it’s a win-win for both the employee and the employer. Employees save time and money on travel and companies save money on real estate costs. Also, productivity can be increased in many cases.

How to Use Zoom to Set up a Meeting in Less Than 10 Minutes

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During this age of digital transformation, we as supervisors and managers have a lot of tools available to make our job easier. One of those tools is Zoom. Zoom is a great digital meeting service. In this article, you will learn how to use Zoom to set up a meeting. There are multiple ways of

5 Easy Steps for Planning a Meeting with Free Checklist

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Have you ever been in a meeting that seemed to drag on forever and when it was done you feel like you got very little useful information? If you have been in any supervisory or any other position that regularly attends meetings, this has probably happened to you. This can be very frustrating for all

13 Tips to Easily Lead a Group Discussion Successfully

13 Tips to Easily Lead a Successful Group Discussion

I think you’ll agree that leading a group discussion can be very overwhelming at first. Well with the right plan you can easily have a flowing discussion that will be both informational and beneficial for the group and you. I will be going over advice and group discussion tips in this article to help you

14 Ways to Leave a Legacy That Lasts

Leave a Legacy to Be Proud of

Do you want to leave a legacy? No one lasts forever and all we have when we are gone is our legacy. What are you going to leave for the people that you have influence over and care for? What is a Legacy? A legacy is what you leave behind when you are gone. It

Interviewing Skills: How to Find the Best Candidate

Awesome Interviewing Skills to Find the Best Candidate

The Importance of the Interview The interview is the first step in the on-boarding process of new employees. It’s their first real experience of the company. Not only are you interviewing the prospective employee but many times they are interviewing you and the company to determine if they want to work there. Good interviewing skills

Personal Branding: 11 Tips for Creating a Professional Image

11 Tips for Creating a Positive Professional Image

What is Personal Branding? When you hear branding you probably think about companies and how they promote themselves. Personal branding is similar but it is how you promote yourself and how others see you. In other words, it’s your professional image. Your brand is your name, face, and actions. Creating a professional image is key

15 Tips to Work From Home Successfully

15 Tips to Work From Home Successfully

There are many advantages to working from home but there are challenges that you don’t face in the office. Follow these tips to work from home successfully.